About us

Do you remember when you were close to thirty? You probably saw your entire life flashing before your eyes. The tick of your biological clock got louder. And although you might not have been exactly where you thought you’d be by thirty, you felt peace because overall, life’s good! Your new level of acceptance and access also allowed you space to become particularly invested in your beauty routine.

Society makes us feel old by blasting words like anti-aging all over media and products. Here at Naja Hall Beauty, we’re not anti-aging. In fact, founder Naja says, “Honey, if you’re not aging, that means you’ve stopped breathing!”

With the onset of a new decade, we see new changes.

Our initial focus is on providing products that will brighten dull skin, fix hyperpigmentation, tighten loose skin, combat wrinkles, and significantly decrease the effects of aging.

Skin health is the most important base for flawless makeup. For the humans that love paint, we carry over 40 different shades of foundation. We have curated eye shadow pallets that especially appeal to specific age groups. We also carry a plethora of lippies and highlighters.

A love note from Naja

I’ve curated an existence that allows me the freedom to fearlessness to play around with different looks, trends, and vibes. I’m my own muse and this line is for any human that is daring enough to be their own Creative Director. If you’re not afraid to try daring eyeshadows, update your beauty bag from time to time, and you love QUALITY, CLEAN COSMETICS, come on in Bestie!

I created a skincare and cosmetics company while on my own journey toward accepting life and appreciating the process of living. To live means to be alive, it also means faster cell degeneration, slower metabolism, and less collagen production. While those are all things that help us maintain our youthful appearance, time is a gorgeous force.

Naja Hall Beauty is for the human that is taking the reigns of time and redefining what it means to feel beautiful. I’ve personally invested in a cosmetic chemist and over the past year, we have painstakingly tested thousands of formulas. Only the best of the BEST made the cut and we are committed to being on the cutting edge of clean beauty and skincare.

Thank you so much for being here. I will sparingly send you updates and special offers. And I look forward to being ALL OVER YOU.

Mother Time’s makeup brush is the most graceful one of all.

Naja Hall, Owner Naja Hall Beauty